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Yelpy, TheRealJonSmith & Elyssa James

Yelpy releases his new single "Gravity" alongside his most ambitious music video yet. Directed by Jonathan Martin "Gravity" the music video follows an astronaut (Yelpy) is lost in space and can only be saved by the love of a captain (Ieva Georges) desperate to find him.

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"Heartbeats" is the long awaited follow up to the award winning singles "Shout", "Save Me", "Gravity" and "Feel It". The accompanying music video stars Yelpy himself and was shot on the beautiful beaches of Malibu, California.

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"Shout" follows hot on the heels of the singles "Save Me", "Gravity" & "Feel It". The accompanying music video stars the beautiful and talented actress/dancer Kelly Tao and was shot entirely in one take using a GoPro on location in the Santa Monica mountains.

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Yelpy & TheRealJonSmith

"Save Me" is the follow up to the singles "Gravity" & "Feel It". The accompanying music video was directed by the renowned Venezuelan director Susana Hornil and stars the beautiful and talented actress/model Starr Bordeaux. The video was shot on location in California.

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FEEl it

Yelpy & TheRealJonSmith

Yelpy's debut single "Feel It" has won many awards & nominations at popular music and film festivals such as Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA). The music video stars TV/Movie actress & former American Ballet Theatre dancer Faye Viviana.

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Born in Dublin city, Ireland, three time Hollywood Music In Media Awards nominee and Europe Music Video Awards winner Irish singer/songwriter Yelpy has just released his long awaited single “Gravity", the follow up to his award winning singles "Heartbeats", "Shout", "Save Me" and "Feel It". This marks his fifth international release and, as he shares, he is excited to finally get it out in the world; "We worked hard on this one, it took a real team effort to get this video out the door, but I'm really proud with how it turned out". The accompanying music video is his most ambitious video yet, starring Yelpy himself and the beautiful & talented actress Ieva Georges. A video of intergalactic proportions, where saturated nebulas and wormholes collide, “Gravity" will leave you in awe of the wonders of the universe. A place where love always finds a way. The music video is an exciting and fitting tribute to an already beautiful and powerful song.

Currently Yelpy can be found in the Native South Studios in Los Angeles hard at work on his next single.

award - FilmQuest Film Festival award - Hollywood Muic in Media Awards award - Europe Music Video Awards award - Sunset Film Festival award - Heart of the Pines Film Festival award - Indie Film Awards award - Iconic Images Film Festival award - International Music Video Awards award - Onyko Film Awards award - Sunset Film Festival award - The Monthly Film Festival award - Women's Independent Film Festival award - All Seas Film Festival award - Crossroads Film Festival award - Clean Shorts Film Festival